Above All Home Inspections Infrared Thermography

Thermal Image Scanning

Discrepancies in temperatures can reveal numerous issues in your home. This includes moisture problems which can lead to mold, and plumbing and HVAC leaks.

Our technology allows us to read and photograph heat signatures in the home, around windows and doors, insulated walls and ceilings, and other areas of the home.

If you're experiencing loss of heat, air leaks, moisture problems or poor insulation that can result in higher utility bills, contact us to help detect those problems before they become more serious and costly for you and your family.

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Additional services we offer

Home Inspection

A very thorough inspection of your home will be done, with a digital report including photos and descriptions on site immediately.

Radon Testing

Continuous electronic reading of radon emission in your home with graph and detailed readout that provides accurate and reliable results.

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